A “Mini Tsunami” hit the Dutch coast

“Mini Tsunami” detected by ocean radar WERA – 40 minutes before it flooded Dutch beaches 29th May 2017 – A “Mini Tsunami” hit the Dutch coast with a flood wave of more than 2 m height which swept away beach chairs, boats, and parasols. Thanks to the fact that this wave reached the beaches very […]

HF Radar WERA provides valuable met-ocean data

The port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands is Europe’s largest sea port. With its outstanding accessibility to the world, it annually connects around 30.000 sea-going vessels with more than 100.000 inland vessels and thousands of trucks and trains with the help of 180 000 people working in and for Rotterdam’s port and industrial area. The […]


The systems became operational on 30th November 2015. Over the first four months the performance reached 99.9%. Means for all available 2500 grid points with measurement results every 15 minutes, only one observation is missing.

Oceans16 in Shanghai

The HF Radar System Maasmond has been topic during the Oceans 16 conference in Shanghai. During the acceptance test phase, a validation study has been carried out by the Australian Professor Malcolm Heron. The results of this study have been presented during the Oceans 16 conference in Shanghai (13th – 16th April 2016).